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Glasscock sighting   May 5th.,2004

On 5-11-04 a ladyfriend and myself went out this area where i have been doing some research at. It is 22 miles from my house in another county. Upon arriving we parked the pickup by the road going up to an old clichie pit. We got in the back of the pickup so we could see better, and i started playing some Bigfoot sounds. After a bit of playing themi was shining the spotlight around and we were able to see some eyes shines about 75 to 100 yards away from us. they was Southwest,South,and Southeast of us looking from above some young mesquite trees in the pasture.Then i used the flash on my digital camera to bring them in more. I even did a call and got response back ,it came from the Southeast of where we was sitting. After some time passed we went down the road a ways and turned around. We went a few yards passed where we had parked earlier and we parked at a T in the road.While there we could hear something walking around in the trees ,but could not see anything. I shined the spotlight around and saw nothing, so we went up this little dirt road towards where there are some water tanks and on the way up there , there are two tree thickets on the west side of the road , we didn't see anything on the way up there and when we reached the water tanks which there are three types a big cement one, a little cement one , and a dirt tank under a windmill. We changed sides with me driving back, but while we was changing sides we saw a pair of red eyes looking at us from the road we just came up. After turning around and started back,she was using the spotlight to see if we could see anything. When we passed the first thicket going back to main road, she saw a Bigfoot on the other side of the thicket, and told me what she saw. She siad it was 8 foot tall, had reddish brown hair,and red eyes, and it was 9 foot away from the truck. After she told me about it i wanted to stop and go back, but she was very afraid and wanted to leave. So we got back to the main road and she didn't want to go back to where she saw it standing. She said she would leave me there if i tried going back to where it was at,so we came back here to my house.